Don’t be a Victim $ 85(open / women’s only)

This 90-minute course is conducted in the classroom. The purpose of this course is to make the student more aware of their surroundings and able to avoid situations that we unwittingly show up to everyday.

Beginners  courses: 

Introduction to Firearms $ 85

This two hour class is the starting point for everyone that wishes to understand and master the basics of owning, safely operating and maintaining a firearm.
Students will leave prepared to begin to confidently train with a firearm.

Pistol Level-1 $90

This two hour, Pistol Level 1 course is for the student who is familiar with basic pistol operations.

  • This 100-round class will cover:

  • Basic safety principles and range etiquette

  • Grip, trigger control and sight alignment

  • Marksmanship skills & drills       

  • Administrative, tactical and emergency reloads

  • Malfunction clearing

  • Shooting problem diagnosis and correction

  • Two handed and one handed shooting techniques

  • Point shooting techniques

  • Multiple shot placement and recoil management

Introduction to Firearms and Pistol Level-1 can be combined for $ 170

Introduction to Concealed Carry $ 160

This 4- hour class is for those students that wish to understand basic pistol operations, the fundamentals of shooting and puts those principles into action in both a classroom and range setting, in addition, this class provides the student the legal requirement to attain your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit all in the same session.

 This is the perfect introduction for anyone that is serious about caring for, carrying and understanding your weapon system from start to competent. Training is the key.

This class is taught by both former and current law enforcement officers along with military combat veterans. All of which are certified NRA instructors. 
Topics Covered:

  • Basic safety principles and range etiquette       

  • Identifying & understanding pistol operations

  • Weapon selection and fitting                              

  • Grip, trigger control & sight alignment drills

  • Malfunction clearing techniques             

  • Point shooting discussion & application

  • Right and left handed shooting techniques        

  • Holster and carry options

  • Take home practice drills will be provided  

NOTE: Rental weapons, ear and eye protection will be provided, if needed. Student is responsible for their own ammunition (100+ rounds will be required)

Intermediate Level Courses:

Shooting Diagnostics & Correction $ 85

  • Frustrated?

  • Shooting left and right?

  • Missing the target high or low?

During this 90-minute class students will…

Have their individual shooting problems evaluated and corrected
Receive instruction both in the classroom and on the range
Become more confident, effective, and accurate leading to more successful training sessions
Pistol Level-2 $ 100

This two hour, 100+ round course, is designed for students who have exhibited safe gun handling skills and can accurately hit a target, center mass, from a distance of 7 yards.

(Prerequisite is Pistol Level 1.)
Completion of Pistol Level 2 will allow the student to draw from a holster at any FB range (management discretion).

 Students will cover the following areas of interest:

  • Proper draw stroke from a belt holster              

  • Timed draw strokes may be introduced

  • Bi-lateral shooting positions                                           

  • Introduction of movement and target engagement

  • One handed malfunction clearing and reloading           

  • Timed reloading and target engagement

  • Accuracy and speed are the emphasis of PL2

 Drawstroke Certification $ 85

This 90-minute class will give students the opportunity to:

  • Learn the proper draw stroke technique from a holster in a variety of environments
  • Exhibit competence in proper pistol draw, presentation & firing
  • Become certified to draw from a holster at our indoor range at their discretion

         Avoid injury by gaining knowledge

  • 50-100 rounds of ammunition required​ 

Holsters NOT permitted include: Serpa holsters, shoulder holsters, S.O.B. Carry (small of back)

 CCW Certificate Courses:

Basic Concealed Carry Weapons License Class $ 70

Successful completion of this two hour class meets the training requirement under Florida State Statute 790.06 to allow the certificate holder to apply for his or her Florida Concealed Carry Weapons License.

 Please be aware that you will be required to show competence with your weapon. It is not a shooting class.  


Notes:This class does NOT prepare you to deploy a firearm in a defensive situation, it merely meets the requirements under Florida law.

We strongly suggest that if you do decide to carry that you seek supplemental training far in advance of the minimum standard required by law. If training were not vital, our military and law enforcement would have stopped training after the first box of ammunition.

Students can bring their own weapons, unloaded and encased. For those that do not have weapons, they can be borrowed from our rental fleet at no additional cost.

Hearing protection and eye protection are required and can be supplied if needed.

Please be aware that this is not a shooting instruction course. If you cannot manipulate your firearm by loading, unloading, reloading, working the action and then placing 25 rounds into a target at 5 yards this is not the class for you.  We suggest that you look at “Intro to Concealed Carry” where firearm shooting instruction is provided and in conjunction with obtaining a CCW permit.  This is a permit only class.

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